Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Well it has been a long time!

We are on our family vacation and I decided that it is time to update and try to be better about updating this blog. With Corinne it was so nice to have this because it served as a time line of what she was doing. I will try and summarize each of use to get you up to date and then update for the rest of the summer.

Jeremy is still working as an insurance agent and doing quite well with it. He still likes to golf but does not get much of a chance to do that these days. His days mostly consist of working and taking care of the yard and walking the dog. Jeremy has been working very hard this year at his workout regimen and is up to about 6 miles per day with long runs of 11-13 miles on the weekend. Through this and a healthier life style for both of us he has lost quit a bit of weight.

I just finished my ninth year of teaching which is very hard to believe. The end of the school year was sad for me though because I am moving into an early learning center and am leaving McVay Elementary, where I have been since my student teaching. It will also be a short summer for us because we are starting school about two weeks earlier next year. The plus side is that I will be done with school before Memorial Day next year. The girls have been keeping me busy. I am also still doing the Thirty-one gifts consulting job so I have thrown in a couple of shows doing that.

Corinne has been a very busy girl. She started school in January and she absolutely loves it! She asks everyday when she can go back to school. Corinne is getting so big and is a very smart little girl. She is also riding a bike (with training wheels) like a crazy women. We just finished swim lessons and she is getting to be a stroner swimmer everyday of this vacation. She is such a social little girl and loves to meet friends every where we go!

Lydia is our little peanut but also very smart. She is quit a ham and makes us laugh every day. She is running, even jumping all over the place. You could not believe her speech either for not even being two years old but people often think she is much younger because she is so small. Don't let her size fool you though she is a tough one and often terrioze her sister!

Stay tuned for more updates from our family!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Card

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Save Time with Shutterfly this holiday

It is that time of year again...time to mail choose the all important Christmas card. As many of you know we try and send out a Christmas photo card each year and this is especially important now that we have kids. This year we will be using Shutterfly to make these wonderful cards. We have ordered from Shutterfly in the past and have received excellent photo books and prints from this great company! We created a photo book of all of our family memories that took less then 20 minutes to put together and was just amazing. We just love the wide variety of products that Shutterfly offers.

Below, I have listed a few options that we are discussing for our Christmas cards and/or holiday shopping. They are just a FEW of the many wonderful things that Shutterfly has to offer:

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3. http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars/wall-calendars
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So, if you are busy this holiday season (like MOST of us!), just put Shutterfly to work for you! It's stress-free. It's easy. It's affordable. Sounds great to me!!

If you're really interested, just follow the link below to get 50 FREE HOLIDAY PHOTO CARDS!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another week flies by...

We have been very busy for the last couple of weeks. I tried to start this entry about two weeks but the only half the pictures would load. We have been very busy with the summer winding down and getting ready to go back to school.

9/18/10-This is a page I started over two months ago and was having technical difficulties I am just going to post the pictures I have with some captions!

Lydia at the State Fair

Corinne was laughing at the Roosters crowing

The girls loved the fair this year!

Trying to get Lydia to smile!

Corinne was a little worried about the cows! Jeremy felt like he was home on his Grandparents farm!

The little artist (excuse the air, she just got up from a nap that she had to take to paint).

Pretty impressive!

Our little Princess

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun Summer Days

If my last post seemed abbreviated to you it is because it was. I was changing the design of the page just for a little different look and after I did that I was having trouble loading any more photos so I gave up and just published what I had so this post should catch you up...

We have been keeping very busy with summer activities and are trying to see as many people as we can while we have the free time. Both girls are busy busy busy but especially Miss Lydia who is really giving us a run for our money. My sister kept telling me when I said how easy going she was to wait, well the wait is over. She is getting into everything and putting everything in her mouth. This is a really change for us because although Corinne got into cabinets and drawers we never had to worry about her putting things in her mouth but Lydia will put anything I mean anything in her mouth. She can also climb the stairs now and does so very quickly. The gates we never had to put up for Corinne are out of the closet and we are just praying that the extra extensions that we needed come quickly!! It has also been very hot here for the past couple of weeks so we have been trying to alternate our time outside and inside, although the kids never seem to notice either way!

The weekend of July 17-18 was the only weekend this month that we did not have anything so we took the opportunity to just spend some time at home..although Jeremy and Corinne ended up going to the Trail Festival while Lydia and I stayed at home. We also went to the new park three times that weekend. Corinne LOVES the new park by our house. It is working in our favor though because I can get her to do things, like take a nap, if I tell her we will go to the new park. We also just spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, catching up on yard and housework and playing.

Monday, the 19th, we had our usual play date with Jack and Elizabeth and we met at the, you guessed it, new park, so Corinne could show Jack around. It is so nice to be able to do these play dates just wish we could do them more during the year.

Tuesday, the 20th, we went with our girl playgroup to The Splash Pad in Powell and that was very neat. It is a park that has a little water park for the kids to play in plus a playground. We also had a little picnic with our girl friends then headed home.

Wednesday, the 21st, our friends Natalie and Madelynn came over so I could show Natalie how I set us this blog and the girls could play. It is so nice to have so many good friends to spend time with. My friend Karey was having surgery so we were watching her dog Nora for a few days and the girls had a blast playing with her.

Thursday, the 22nd, Jeremy was going to be at work a little later so we decided to head to Lancaster to spend some time with Grandma and Dominic and Carrie. As an added surprise my brother was able to join us for lunch and some play time at Rising Park. Like I said last year it is just so fun to see your kids play on the same playground that you spent so much time on...although it looks much different now then when we were kids.

Lydia chatting with my Mom while the big kids played.

Lydia was really trying to play with the big kids!

Uncle Curt helping Dominic on the monkey bars.

Corinne loves to the teeter totter, Dominic was not as sure!

After a long day on Thursday the girls were worn out but Lydia has not been sleeping great so she was up a lot in the night, so I sleep right through my Zumba class this week. I was a little upset about that because I only have two left but I take sleep when I can get it because most of you know that sleep does not happen at our house. Friday we just kind of hung around the house and took it easy after a busy week. Corinne and Lydia are playing together so well these days. Lydia is still pushing anything she can get her hands on around although half the things she pushes are not really stable so she is really walking.

Loving the tunnels

Corinne rolling in the tunnel

Saturday we headed to the Jazz and Rib Fest despite the fact that it was forecasted to be about 95 degrees. Our friends Natalie, Matt and Madelynn joined us. We only stayed about 2 hours because of the heat and need for naps but it was fun and really good ribs

Corinne was refusing to smile and we could not keep Lydia and Madelynn still but you get the idea.

Sunday was a very special day for our Goddaughter Elizabeth when she baptized in the same church where I stood as a bridesmaid for her parents wedding. It's funny how in those big life moments your realize how everything comes full circle! We feel so blessed that Todd and Tiffany chose us as her Godparents and we will take the job very seriously. I was telling Tiffany the other day if you would have told the two 15 year old girls who met in freshman choir that they would still be best friends 16 years and have amazing families we would have never believed it! We are truly blessed and have been through a lot together! My parents keep the girls during the baptism so we could do the things that we needed to do during the ceremony. The girls had a blast and Corinne really wanted to stay. We went to a luncheon at Todd's parents, the Armen's then headed back to my parents for a little time to play with Dominic. It was a long but pleased day. After seeing how well the girls did with my parents though I am thinking maybe a weekend away for our anniversary in October would be very nice!

Monday Tiffany, Jack and Elizabeth came up to the new park again and then we made homemade pizza for lunch. Lydia also really started letting go and standing today which I know she can do quiet well. After such a long weekend thankfully my girls took long naps in the afternoon but for some reason I have not been sleeping so nap for me and I have been not been able to sleep at night either.

Lydia so proud of herself for climbing in the chair. Like I said she is climbing this and everything else. Also look how much hair she has and it is so wild. Corinne had no hair at this age and I think we will have to start pulling Lydia's up soon!

Today we had a play date at The King's house. The girls had turns of fun climbing and swimming. Lydia also walked with me a lot with only one hand held which is a big step for us. I can not believe how big all of the kids are getting. The older girls have been playing together since they were about 7 months old and now we are talking about preschool. It is all just going too fast!! Corinne has been playing a lot with a Cinderalla Barbie that she has and it is so cute. I find her talking to Cinderalla and all her other babies on most days. It is true that girls just do these things. So when Corinne was playing this afternoon I told her that I had a whole bag of Barbie's in the basement from when I was a kid and that we would get them out when Daddy got home. You would have thought it was Christmas..she was so thrilled. Again, another one of those life's moments when you see your daughter playing with the same Barbie's you played with! Thank you Mom for saving them! All the memories came flooding back as I looked at all of them. Including the dressing my Grandma Hunt made for some of them. She went to sleep with them tonight! Now I just have to worry about Lydia eating Barbie shoes.

Hugging as many Barbie's as she could get in her arms, including a Gem doll!

What a mess but she was having so much fun!

Lydia was joining right in!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going way to fast!

It has been another fun filled week for us! Even though we did not get to take a vacation this year I feel like we have done a lot with the kids! Last Wednesday and Thursday we kept it kind of low key and try to get some cleaning done around the house.

On Friday we went to the zoo with my friend Karey and her niece Lauren who comes every year from North Carolina to visit for a week. It was a hot day but the girls had a blast. Lauren loves to help so it made the trip really nice. We also went to dinner with Karey and Lauren and then went to the new park so it was a very busy but fun day!

Corinne and Lauren got to pet the flamingo's as soon as we walked in the zoo.

Lauren finally got Corinne in Habiat Hollow this year..she was still a little unsure because it is pretty dark in there.

We had skipped the petting zoo the last few times we had been at the zoo, this time we stopped and Lydia loved the goats!

The polar bear was sitting on top of the underwater viewing area..so funny..she kept sticking her face in the water to see the people down below her.

Corinne feeding the Larakets..she loved it despite the fact that she got nipped when she first went in..she is braver then me..birds freak me out!